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Cashback and traveling

By now you might now there are many different ways you can get some form of cashback. You can get cashback with your creditcard, at supermarkets, gasstations or clothingshops. There is also an other way to get cashback which you can get trough your personal and your professional live.

There are many companies which offer cashback trough some form of travelling. Whether it is on a business trip or a vacation with your family. A website that offers all kinds of cashback on travelling is Cleartrip. Get cashback while booking a vacation in a fancy hotel. Cashback can go up to a fifty precent discount. Or get cashback on weekend getaways. And if you really have time to do a lot of research you might find a vacation that gives cashback on both your plane tickets and the costs of staying at a hotel. There are a lot of deals which offer imediate cashback of plane tickets, both domestic and international. Great for business oppertunities and if you are going on a vacation with your family. Not every airline offers cashbacks o do your research before you book a flight. You might save a lot of money. Or what about booking a flight and recieve cashback when you use the new form of cab fare Uber. A good deal if you are on a business trip and you need a long drive into town.

Keep not that most offers expire soon but every week the website offers new cashback deals. And most importantly always read the full disclosure of the deal. Then you will always know what you sign up for and how much cashback you are actually going to get.


Get cashback with your creditcard

There is a big chance you have used some form of cashback. Especially while shopping online, getting cashback is a great way to save money on a variety of things like beauty products or electronic devices. But besides shopping at specific cashback websites there is also another way to get a lot of cashback offers. A way that gives you cashback online and offline! All you have to do is use your credit card or if you don’t own one yet apply for one.

By using your creditcard at online purchases, chances are big you will receive some cashback. But also offline in supermarkets and at gas stations you can recieve some cashback.

Keep in mind that different credit cards have different cashback options. For instance, there are creditcards who will give you cashback with every single purchase you make using your creditcard. ABN Amro has some great options like the ABN AMRO One Card or ABN AMRO Titanium One Card. Another good example is the HDFC Bank Value Plus Credit Card which will give you cashback at supermarkets, hospitals and grocery shops. Most credit cards that come with cashback deals offer cashback at gas stations. It is a great way to save money on your daily purchases.

A lot of credit cards also offer some sort of reward programme. With every point you receive you can save up to  some great products like a gift voucher for a new car. Most bank websites offer a catalogue which contains all of the great gifts you can choose from if you have saved enough points. If you do decide to apply for a credit card make sure you are on time with your payments. You do not want to have a debt at the bank.

CashKaro.com: start saving money today!

Are you looking for new ways to save money on all kinds of products and services? Then you might be very interested in a new money saving phenomenon called cash back. In India, there are several parties that offer all kinds of cashback deals. A well-established and reliable cash back website, is CashKaro.com.

You can start saving money on all kinds of things, from diapers to health supplements, in five simple steps. The first step is to join CashKaro.com and browse the website for the things you would like to buy with a cashback deal. The second step is to click through and shop the product online, the way you are used to. Step 3 is where the cashback is tracked by CashKaro.com, which will take place within 72 hours after your purchase. The next step, step 4, is where your cashback gets confirmed by CashKaro.com. This will take between 4 to 12 weeks. During this step, you don’t have to do anything, CashKaro.com does the job for you. The last, but the most fun step of all, is where you get paid.

The fun thing about CashKaro, is that they have extended their working field beyond cashback. For example, you can also find some interesting offers for restaurants in Delhi and Mumbai. You can make a reservation through CashKaro.com, and you will enjoy instant discounts.

According to reviews of CashKaro.com, their services are accurate, and the response time is excellent. One of the reviewers has earned as much as Rs 2,790 in just two months of shopping with CashKaro.com. So if you still feel any restraint towards this new way of saving money, it might be time to put this feeling aside and give it a shot.


Cashback offers via mobile apps

Most people nowadays go online when they need to search for information. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Google, Bing or Baidu – the chances are that you will find exactly what you are looking for. It is therefore hardly surprising that social scientists tend to refer to today’s society as the ‘information society’. However, there is also a downside to this wealth of accessible information. People speak of an ‘information overload’ to refer to the difficulty of making decisions and the difficulty of understanding issues caused by the presence of too much information.  In an information society it is easy to overlook things.

It is partly for this reason that many people are unaware of the many cashback actions that are available. Consequently, they miss out on offers with which they could save a lot of cash. However, when shopping online or in physical shops you simply do not want to keep checking the internet to see whether cashback is available for a specific item or a specific store. There is so much on offer that one can’t see the wood for the trees when shopping.

Luckily, cashback offers are increasingly available via apps. In the near future it is likely that there will be mobile applications that notify you about special offers when you enter a shop. This means that you no longer have to seek out information yourself. The possible advantages of such a system is that it makes offline shopping more attractive, because you no longer have to worry that you will find a better deal online. You will have more time to simply enjoy the shopping experience and that is of course what most people are after.

Top Indian cashback websites

Cashback websites are relatively new entrants onto the ecommerce market of India. And even though they are still a novelty, they are quickly increasing in popularity and familiarity, because they allow customers to get an interesting discount on the products that they buy through these websites. The concept of cashback websites is already quite common in Europe and the United States, but India also has its own range of cashback websites that are definitely worth a visit.

One of India’s top cashback websites is Baggout.com. Apart from the great deals that this classy website offers, a big plus is that you don’t have to register before you can use the website. You can simply log on to Facebook to get access to the best deals. A pleasant side-issue of the Facebook-integration, is that you can also see which items your friends like, to get some inspiration.

Cashkaro.com is another popular cashback site in India. You can get discount on Jet Airways plane tickets, Expedia and many other popular retailers in India. Besides getting discount at retailers, you can also find restaurant offers in many cities in India, like Mumbai, Delhi and Faridabad. If you need assistance or if you happen to have any questions, then the customer support team, which is one of the best in the country, is there for you.

Pennyful.in is the Indian brother of the very popular Pennyful.com in the United States. Go to this cashback website for discount at Jabong, Tradus, Myntra and many more. Besides getting cashbacks on the things you purchase, you can also make some money by referring your friends. Pennyful.in does not practise a minimum payout requirement, so you can request payment whenever you wish.

Try this new way of shopping today and see what Europe and the United States have been enthusiastic about.